United States Colored Troops Monument Natchez

United States Colored Troops Monument Natchez


United States Colored Troops

For years the Natchez Museum of African American Culture through the help of Ser Seshsh Ab Heter-Clifford M. Boxley has been telling the story of these troops and their contributions  to the Natchez area during the Civil War.


Understanding Freedom

Black Men and Women coming from under the shackles of slavery and the injustice of man, bonding together to fight for their rights as equal citizens in an American society which has for too long looked upon them as property.


Freedom Is No Gift

Braving the storm of war, these men and women knew that freedom was not a gift to be given them, but a prize to be won from their sacrifices and service that would demand the respect and honor of being free and their willingness to fight for it.


Time to recognize

The Natchez Museum Of African American Culture is proud to partner with Natchez USCT Monument Group in fund raising for the erection of a monument for this special group of people which has contributed so much to this community. Please find the time to donate toward the building of this monument.


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