African American History of Natchez Never Stops (It’s Time You Explore It!!!)


Heritage begins with Foods Of Natchez

As Black History month comes to a close in America, we in Natchez continue the tradition of honoring our heritage and traditions handed down by those who came before us.

One of the most unrecognized and least talked about is that of cooking in the styles in which our fore-parents did. The art and nature of preparing a meal is one that has been passed down through the generations of African American Families and is now being experienced by many who visit Natchez for its Historic value. The Taste of Natchez today is the same as Yesterday through the work of Chef Rita.

Chef Rita and the Taste Of Heritage Cooking

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408 North Dr MLK Jr Street  Natchez Ms 39120
African American contributions to our nation’s culinary culture are foundational and ongoing. For over 400 years, African Americans have inspired our country’s food through their skill, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Black foodways have shaped much of what we farm, what we cook, what we drink, and where we eat.
At African/American: Making the Nation’s Table, come walk the fields, see the kitchens, and meet the people who show that African American food is American food.

Chef Rita

“Because I did come from a large family cooking and caring for other has been something that has always come natural for me. I get to teach folks that come to our classes what I like to call ‘Not Yo Grandmama Kitchen Skills’ and tips on how to eat these same Southern comfort foods but in an alternative ways. I also consider myself to be blessed to work at the local university teaching community health and Nutrition.

We are always there in the kitchen, sitting and sharing that family history — Recently, my grandmother had her 80th birthday. My kids got to see their family tree with and make that connection. A lot people say they don’t have a big family but if they take that time to sit down with their elders they will find that they have a larger family than what they think.



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